Books and Ebooks

Books in the USCB Library are classified and shelved by the Library of Congress system. You can locate a book’s call number in our catalog, or browse subject areas by their call number range.

Ebooks are available to view on campus for all patrons and off campus for current USCB students, faculty, and staff.

Journals and Periodicals

The USCB Library Beaufort features a print collection of 25 art periodicals.

The libraries have access to over 200,000 online journals, with many of these publications offering full-text access to articles. To search for a journal by title, use Full Text Finder.


View a list of all databases to which the library subscribes at our A-Z Databases list.

State Documents

The USCB Library Beaufort is a State Depository Library and receives new publications monthly. Patrons are free to browse this collection or contact a librarian for further assistance with locating documents.

Digital Collections

The Bonneville Collection
The Bonneville Collection is a collection of fifty-four late 19th century albumen card photographs, chiefly boudoir cards and with some in a larger format pertaining to the American Plains Indians. This collection was owned by William and Nancy Bonneville until they donated it to USCB in 2004.

Collected Civil War Papers of Colonel Benjamin Franklin Eshleman
This collection contains the mementos Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Franklin Eshleman, a former commander of the Washington Artillery battalion, saved in his scrapbook. It portrays a civil war colonel’s dedication to preserving the memory of his unit along with a larger more important purpose of memorializing the era of the confederate soldier.