Kimberly B. Kelley, PhD, MLS, CCEP

Director of Libraries and Professor
Library Suite 119, Bluffton Campus, 843-208-8025


USCB Library Beaufort [843-521-3122]

Geni Flowers, MLIS

Access Services and Acquisitions Librarian, 843-521-4122


Ann Holderfield, MA Ed, MLIS

Research and Instruction Librarian, 843-521-4126


Debbie Gray, MA

Access Services Library Assistant, 843-521-3122


Katie Weidner

Access Services Library Assistant, 843-521-3122


USCB Library Bluffton [843-208-8022]

Melanie Hanes-Ramos, MLIS

Access Services and Electronic Resources, 843-208-8023


Emily Smith, MM, MLS

Research and Instruction Librarian, 843-208-8028


Kim Walsh, MLIS

Research and Instruction Librarian,  843-208-8031


Matthew Plotzker

Access Services Assistant, 843-208-8022


Brenda Racht,  MLIS

Access Services Library Assistant, 843-208-8022


Moultrie Townsend, MLIS

Access Services Library Specialist, 843-208-8022


Access Services Library Assistant (2 Vacant)