The USCB Libraries offer physical (print) and electronic reserves (eReserves) services for faculty members.

Physical Reserves (Print Reserves)

  • Submit materials along with our Reserves Request Form to the circulation desk, or send via intercampus mail to either campus library.
    If you are requesting library materials or submitting a purchase request, you may email your Reserves Request Form to or bring it in-person to the circulation desk.
  • Submit your request no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of semester, or date needed for course.
  • Please allow a minimum of 2 working days to process Print Reserve requests.
  • Overdue fines will be assessed on Reserve items not returned by their due date.

Electronic Reserves (eReserves)

eReserves are suitable for article PDFs, short excerpts from books, and other class materials. At this time, support for multimedia content is considered on a case-by-case basis. Please email with questions about A/V or multimedia materials in eReserves.

  • Instructors are encouraged to use Blackboard to provide students with their course syllabi, article PDFs, PowerPoint slides, and other class materials.
  • Email a completed Reserve Request Form to or drop it off at the circulation desk, along with any materials.
  • Submit your request no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of the semester or date needed for the course.
  • eReserve materials will be removed from the system at the end of each semester.
  • eReserve access is restricted to USCB faculty, current students, and staff through the library’s eReserve system in Blackboard.
  • Students will not be assessed any fees beyond the actual cost of photocopying or printing.

General Policies

  • The library or faculty member must have a legally-obtained copy of the work. (For eReserves, photocopies may not be acceptable.)
  • If you or the library do not own the material and you are making a purchase request, allow up to 4 weeks processing time.
  • See our Course Reserves Copyright Policy for more detailed copyright guidelines.
  • Include full citations or high-quality reproductions to reduce processing time.
  • Materials will only be placed on reserve at the request of the instructor.


Material Type

Articles and Book Chapters for eReserves

  • One chapter from a book or one article from a journal may be placed on reserve.
    (Exception: if the library has electronic access to

Books and A/V Materials

  • Bring personal copies of materials to the Circulation Desk and complete a reserves form.
  • Bring library copies OR the item’s call number to the Circulation desk.
  • With few exceptions, A/V materials are generally NOT eligible for eReserves, due to Copyright restrictions. If you need video content in your course site, please contact the reserves librarians for alternative options.
  • Interlibrary Loan or PASCAL materials are not eligible for reserves.

Course Packets and Instructional Materials

  • Course packets may only be placed on eReserve if the materials have copyright clearance.
    Contact the USCB Bookstore to determine if your materials have copyright clearance.
  • Faculty-produced instructional materials may be placed on reserve if the faculty member owns copyright.
    If you produced study guides or test content for a publisher or other institution, you may not own copyright. 
  • Provide clean, readable copies of lecture notes or slides, or email the digital files. (Preferred: Microsoft Word, Excel, PDFs, and Powerpoint.)